Don’t be fooled!

The primary election is Tuesday, March 19th and is A Time for Choosing. It is no secret that our Republic is in trouble, declining in many places and stagnant at best. The factors contributing to the decline include a lack of leadership, representation, and accountability. Don’t be fooled by a persons words. Watch their actions and they will tell you everything you need to know.

FIRST, Gloria Rodgers presents herself as a true conservative who is fighting for Republicans in Summit County…

THEN, reality was revealed – for years, Gloria has been representing us on County Council, where she has lacked the will to undertake any legislation that promotes Republican values. Instead, she votes lock step with the Democrats. We’re not kidding, she proudly votes with Democrats more than 98% of the time…

NOW, it’s election time again, and in true fashion, Gloria is coming out of campaign hibernation to try and convince Republicans she has earned their vote for another four years.

DON’T BE FOOLED! During her tenure as a so-called Republican representative she has neither sponsored nor introduced any legislation promoting Republican values. Voters were shocked to hear that in 2020, she voted unanimously with radical, far-left Democrats to adopt a resolution1 that declared racism as a public health crisis in Summit County. Republican voters have said: “her vote was the same as Democrat Hilary Clinton calling Americans deplorable.”

Instead of fighting for issues truly facing the District, such as, record breaking property tax increases, high inflation, and failing infrastructure she decided to stand with the Democrats on a symbolic measure that simply signaled virtue. In four years since her vote, she has offered no resolution to the crisis she claimed existed which suggests she only supported the idea to look good for her Democrat friends.

POLITICAL COMPLACENCY – In a recent letter to Republicans in District 3, she indicated how proud she was to have represented the district for the last 12 years. If her claims of actually working hard for conservative values were in fact true, she might not have forgotten that she was first elected to represent District 3 in 2008 and at the end of this year will have been in office for 16 years. The time has come to hold Gloria accountable for a lack of leadership and stagnant representation.

Why you should vote for Jeremy McIntire

We need a Republican now more than ever who is dedicated to fight for what is most important to all of us… God, Life, Family, Veterans, and Freedom. Jeremy is honored and humbled to be in a position to lead the charge. This primary election is a time for choosing! Our county needs proven leaders who can win elections and be principled in positions of public trust. Make no mistake, Jeremy is the only Endorsed Republican Candidate in the County Council District 3 race.

As a Retired Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, Jeremy is not afraid to fight the Democrat machine in Summit County. He has a record of standing up against Democrats on Stow City Council while his opponent votes lock step with Democrats and their powerful left-wing interests. Jeremy is running  because citizens in District 3 need a candidate that values freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. Rest assured, no one will work harder for you and the future of this district. Jeremy has the experience, commitment, and will bring common sense conservative values and fiscal responsibility to County Council.

Jeremy has authored and sponsored more pro tax-payer legislation in four years on City Council than his opponent has in 16 years of service. As a veteran, he will face fear, danger, or adversity to represent you on County Council regardless of how long and slow the process may be. Jeremy has the personal courage to take action to move things forward on the right path even if his actions are not popular with others.

Jeremy will work to accomplish all these things through selfless service, providing proven leadership, and representing you with integrity. He looks forward to earning your trust, winning the nomination, and proudly carrying the Republican banner in November.

1 Summit County Council Resolution 2020-174

Vote Jeremy McIntire
County Council District 3

Vote Early or March 19th


Phone: (330) 352-0487
Email : [email protected]
1904 Baker Lane
Stow, Ohio 44224

Jeremy McIntire is a former member of the US Army. Use of his military rank, job title, photograph in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

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